A Consumer-Focused Opportunity


an introduction

Over the past  5 years Stage 1 Financial has organically built a platform that generates validated deal flow. No longer do we wish to only support the investment process, but be part of it.

We have Stage 1 Fund, which will allow us to leverage the Stage 1 Financial platform to invest in great brands alongside very successful investment partners

Built in Relationships and Trust

Traditional funds shop for potential companies to invest into, then spending large amounts of time attempting to build a relationship with these brands, which slows investment progression by running the companies through an arduous diligence process. Stage 1 Fund skips to the front of the line!

Stage 1 Financial provides an automatic pipeline of validated deal flow to the Stage 1 Fund. Fast growing consumer companies need a strong and affordable accounting and finance solution, and, as a leader in the market, Stage 1 Financial signs on 2-6 new brands a month. Part of the Stage 1 Financial on-boarding process is ensuring the health of a business and accuracy of numbers being reported.


The "My Stage 1 Difference"

While Stage 1 Fund will look at all the traditional markers other funds use to determine the future success of a business, we will also be utilizing something more specialized: My Stage 1 Financial Automated reporting. By only investing in Stage 1 Financial brands, the Stage 1 Fund will have access to unique and transparent data points not seen by everyday investors.

Better reporting plus faster reaction equals competitive edge

All Stage 1 Fund investments will be required to be on the My Stage 1 Automated platform for financial and operational reporting. Stage 1 Financial will ensure that the brands have elite reporting package options, and, most importantly, Stage 1 Financial will assist  businesses in the usage of their reporting and actioning of the data. This is something that is already embedded in the Stage 1 Financial offering to its clients. Stage 1 Financial has consistently found that the businesses utilizing their My Stage 1 data and reports are the ones that succeed.


In the Trenches

Typical funds are comprised of highly knowledgeable advisors and consultants that have a laundry list of contacts— that's great! The Stage 1 Fund does too! However, what traditional funds are lacking is the ability to provide a dedicated staff that work in each particular business model, every day, on the ground floor. Stage 1 fund treats it partners with as much dedication and resources as middle market buyout fund.

Stage 1 Financial staff understand Entrepreneurs and their teams on an intimate level that is not accessed by traditional VC's. Entrepreneurs are not in presentation mode on a daily basis!

The Stage 1 Fund will not just take the advice of its Board and Advisors, but will look to the Stage 1 Financial team members that work with these companies on a daily basis in areas such as AP, AR, Cash Management, etc. These team members have a unique view on how entrepreneurs manage their team, their vendor relationships, and cash.


Our team members see these entrepreneurs at their best moments, and, more importantly, their worst. We believe this unprecedented access significantly enhances our investment decision making process and therefore reduces risk for our LPs.


Fund Manager

David Bartholomew

David Bartholomew is a Private Equity & Venture Capital investor with 20 years of proven success in corporate finance and entrepreneurial endeavors.

Prior to joining Stage 1 as Partner, David was the Marketing Director & General Partner of Windjammer Capital Investors (WCI), a $2 Billion private equity investment firm based in Newport Beach, CA where he was responsible for generating and analyzing qualified investment opportunities, as well as assisting in the firm’s fundraising efforts. His fundraising efforts resulted in $200+ Million in committed capital from large state pension and endowment funds. David was heavily involved in all aspects of the firm including the sourcing and screening of incoming transactions, industry research, attending industry trade shows, performing financial analysis and management team interviews. Windjammer has been an active investor in Food & Beverage related businesses including ST Specialty Foods, Automated Beverage Control, Component Hardware Group, Heritage Food Service Group & Medtech Holdings (CPG).

David Bartholomew brings two decades of industry specific as well as industry agnostic experience to Stage 1 Fund. His most recent experience in the CPG vertical, includes Venture Capital investments in Once Upon A Farm, Tosi Bar, Owl's Brew, Nona Lim, Powerful Foods, Foodstirs & Piñata. He currently maintains strategic relationships with Windjammer Capital Investors, The Gerson Lehrman Group, and TriVista. David’s philanthropic efforts are focused on the Orangewood Foundation, Children’s Hospital of Orange County, Make-A-Wish Orange County and The Los Angeles Mission.

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