David Bartholomew

Partner, Fund Manager

David is a Private Equity & Venture Capital investor with 20 years of proven success in corporate finance and entrepreneurial endeavors. Prior to joining Stage 1 as Partner, David was the Marketing Director & Member of the General Partnership of Windjammer Capital Investors (WCI), a $3 Billion private equity investment firm based in Newport Beach, CA where he was responsible for generating and analyzing qualified investment opportunities, as well as assisting in the firm’s fundraising efforts.  

David Bartholomew brings two decades of industry specific as well as industry agnostic experience to Stage 1 Fund. His most recent experience in the CPG vertical, includes Venture Capital investments in Once Upon A Farm, Tosi Bar, Owl's Brew, Nona Lim, Powerful Foods, Foodstirs & Piñata. He currently maintains strategic relationships with Windjammer Capital Investors, The Gerson Lehrman Group, and TriVista.